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Since February 2019, Zowi Vermeire has been a PhD student at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). Her research focuses on the impact of digital media on our assumptions and perceptions about our (social) environment. Currently, she researches whether and how young people, due to their online engagement, produce alternative ideas on what it means to be educated. ‘Alternative’ in this context means those forms of being educated that are generally not transferred, recognized or accepted within traditional schooling, such as being a successful streamer. She has a bachelor's in liberal, arts and sciences from Amsterdam University College. Her taught master is in film studies (philosophy pathway, King’s College London) and her research master’s is in Media and Performance Studies (Utrecht University). Before starting the PhD position, she worked for two and a half years as a researcher and developer at the Dutch public broadcasting agency BNNVARA.

Twitch as a learning environment: community

Even though Twitch is used for many more interests than gaming, if you play video games, it is likely you know this livestreaming platform. In this blog post I will look at Twitch as a learning environment. Even though Twitch does not always has to be a learning environment and might not even be designed…

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The TikTok ban: what might be lost?

Amidts growing concerns surrounding the safety of TikTok, calls for its ban have emerged not only the U.S., but also in the Netherlands. The primary fear is that TikTok may share the data it collects from users worldwide, including U.S. and European citizens, with the Chinese governement, potentially enabling spying activities. Consequently, these concerns have…

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TikTok as a learning environment: Collaboration

Though TikTok is mostly know for catchy songs and dancing, in this series of blog posts, I want to look at TikTok as a learning environment. This should not be misunderstood as an argument that TikTok is always and in every instance a learning environment. Instead I’m using a lens of learning and development to look at TikTok and how this digital platform might shape learning and behaviour.

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New tools, new learning, new brain?

Around 15 years ago on a conference, Tim O’Reilly argued a shift had happened in how ‘the web’ worked. A shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Web 2.0 did not only change the infrastructure of the web to make it the way that we know it today, but scholars have also argued it has changed the way we learn.

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Will digital media outrun the school?

On Monday the 2nd of December 2019 Dutch news outlets, such as Trouw and NOS, had shocking headlines: according to research by Qompas Dutch students’ (12-18) interest in school courses is decreasing as well as their grades. Though not a research result, the director of Qompas, Boris Eustatia, suggests a possible cause: that education can no longer keep up with the fast world of smartphones in which young people live.

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