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Chris recently finished his PhD-project in which he investigated how gamified learning applications reshape ideas, understandings and enactments of student engagement in a private girl's school. He currently works as a Associate Research Fellow for the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child. His research interests include the datafication of education, gamified learning platforms and the use of technology in education more broadly. His work mostly draws on poststructuralist ideas of discourse and social constructivist notions of agency.

Girls and Gamification

While both boys and girls play (digital) games, gaming as a hardcore leisure activity is often seen as something boyish. In fact, some studies point out that boys play more frequently and for longer periods of time. There also appears to be a gender difference in taste, as boys seem to have a preference for…

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Gamifying student behaviour

Gamification is commonly defined as the use of game-design elements in non-game contexts. Game design elements include, but are not restricted to, achievements, badges, timers, avatars, but also something like narration (a story). Therefore, gamification includes a wide range of activities and applications, from quiz software like Kahoot to classroom management tools like ClassDojo and…

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The online classroom

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools all over the world are increasingly shutting down and switching to online forms of learning. It is interesting to see that schools and teachers still try to maintain the idea of a classroom even when the physical classroom is gone or temporarily inaccessible. For instance, for some schools in…

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Kahoot at school

Kahoot: classroom carnival

Most teachers will probably have used (or at least: heard of) Kahoot, the digital quiz application that can be accessed by students using their smartphones. Kahoot is frequently used to kill the remainder of class-time while all at the same time doing something that is both ‘useful’ and ‘fun’. Kahoot is an interesting phenomenon. On…

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